Besiana Ntalanai

Besiana Ntalanai



Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

Home Town/Country:
Saranda, Albania

Key Facts

31 years old
2,5 years in Villach

My way to Villach

I moved to Villach together with my boyfriend in 2017. He got a job offer from Intel and could study for his master's degree at the University of Applied Sciences on the side. Meanwhile I've taken the same path. I'm also studying at the University and do work part-time for a marketing company.



What I love about Villach

What i like the most in Villach is the importance people give to big events such as Fasching and Kirchtag which you don't usually feel so often in the big cities. Furthermore, the quality of life and work-life balance is very important as people living in Villach have the time to do sports also during the weekdays, improve and work on themselves or spend quality time with their families and friends. Finally, besides the great nature, the location of Villach gives you the possibility to enjoy short getaways during the weekend.

In my free time I like to explore the beautiful surroundings of Villach such as lakes, mountains where you can do a lot of activities during each season.

My tips for new arrivals in Villach

  • Keep up with the German language!
  • Learn skiing!
  • Don't miss Kirchtag! :)



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