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Just one of the many perks of living in the phenomenal City of Villach.

Located at the point where three cultures meet, the city on the Drau has long been an important transport hub in the Alps-Adriatic region.

Due to its particular geographic location and the outstanding natural beauty of the region, Villach and the whole province of Carinthia have for generations been popular holiday destinations for people from all over the world.

Centrally located at the crossroads of three important European highways, in close proximity to the northern ports of the Mediterranean and numerous airports in the surrounding area, this city in the south of Austria can easily be reached from any place in the world. And naturally, it is also convenient to travel around the globe from here. If you are dreaming of a fascinating vacation or paying a visit to family members living abroad, you will find that Villach is the ideal point of departure for any kind of adventure.

The unique landscape, combining mountains and valleys, lakes and rivers, city and countryside, draws hundreds of thousands of people to the region every year. No matter what season it is, fun, relaxation and inspiration are around every corner.

At the same time, the diverse and pristine environment also makes Villach an extraordinary place to live for all those who call this region home. Lakes with drinking-water quality and the extraordinarily clean air are a testament to the high environmental standards of Villach and its surroundings.

In addition to the favorable geographic location, living in Austria also has many social, health-care-related and economic perks. The country’s social and health care system is among the best in the world and for decades numerous international surveys have singled out Austria as a particularly safe and wealthy country with a high quality of life.

While the city’s population enjoys an above-average prosperity level and comprehensive social benefits, living in Villach proves surprisingly affordable when compared to many other international destinations. Villach benefits from its status as a “small town,” offering everyday living at affordable prices in an outstanding setting.

So it’s no surprise that the city on the Drau is considered the “home of work-life balance.”


The City of Villach is located in the center of Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost province, in close proximity to the Italian and Slovenian border. For centuries, this place has been an important transport hub in Central and Eastern Europe, which is why the region is easily accessible and excellently connected by rail, road and air.

There are direct rail connections to many major European cities, such as Rome, Belgrade, Zurich and Munich. The Austrian capital of Vienna is just a little more than a four-hour train ride away.

Well-developed highways also connect the region to crucial central, eastern and southern European cultural and economic regions.

There are as many as seven international airports around Villach, which can be reached in about a two-hour drive. Several flights a day ensure that all major European air traffic hubs can be reached conveniently, keeping transfer times to destinations across the globe short.


You will find more than 70 electric filling stations, including a Tesla Supercharger station, all within a 30-minute drive from Villach.

Carinthia boasts over 1,200 registered lakes and ponds, almost all of which are of drinking-water quality.

About 28% of Villach’s surface area have been declared landscape conservation areas.

The City of Villach has been awarded the European Energy Award Gold, recognizing its exemplary commitment to saving energy.


The region’s international community has been steadily growing for years. The Carinthian International Center founded several years ago welcomes new arrivals and introduces them to both expats and locals.

New residents thus feel at home in Villach in no time at all. With an extensive network and acting as a "Carinthian Welcome Center" the CIC also organizes a large variety of courses and events throughout the year.

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