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Christoph Pfeiler


Industry & Tourism pulling in the same direction. Two sectors, whose interests were difficult to reconcile in the past, are now entering into an exceptional joint cooperation with substantial win-win potential.

The motto is: ‘Using joint strengths and potential!’ within a unique cooperation in terms of its flexile design and composition of partners. Focusing together on Carinthia’s clear positioning as an attractive business location with a high quality of life.

We are developing new perspectives, ideas and especially regional projects – as part of a mutually strengthening collaboration between the worlds of industry and tourism.

The "Welcome2Villach - Home of Work | Life Balance" campaign highlights the high quality of life and places the Villach region in the spotlight.

ONE marketplace for high-tech and tourism

During these days of limited resources, it makes sense for the two fundamental business sectors present in the area to join forces. The symbiosis of high-tech industry and tourism can develop a range of advantages for both sectors. The relevant partners from the two sectors come together according to the region, project and interests concerned. The working group sees itself as a ‘marketplace’ where joint plans are developed and projects mutually supported by exchanging experiences.

Co-organisation as a success factor – ‘We create a smart destination!’

Factors relating to quality of life play a key role for Villach as a industrial and tourism location due to the demand for qualified employees. It is precisely here that the cooperation partners are joining forces and exploring a common pathway.

Industry and Tourism require qualified professionals and they are looking for an attractive employer as well as a working environment in a location and future centre of life which offers quality living for their family.

One of the first concrete results of the cooperation was the platform which has been devised for potential employees and guests under the ambitious motto of ‘Living, working, playing, learning in Villach’. Everyone interested in our region is provided with the key information about everyday life here at a glance such as training, healthcare provision, the environment, security and leisure. The big advantage: for the first time, there will be ONE clear platform in German and English, serving as an introductory contact point and business card for the region.

It is about the targeted marketing of our living space, not about the interests of specific industries or individuals. Thanks to this collaboration, we can advertise our attractive location together in the future.

Cooperation partners with the ‘Industry & Tourism’ initiative

  • 3M Precision Grinding
  • Fachhochschule Kärnten
  • Flowserve Control Valves
  • Imerys Fused Minerals & C.A.R.R.D.
  • Infineon Technologies Austria
  • Intel Austria
  • Lam Research
  • Tourismusregion Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See
  • Stadt Villach
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